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Admission Requirements

  • Lee Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin when considering applications of prospective students or personnel. The Academy is a 501(c)3 corporation.
  • The Head of School will interview new students, with their parents. Following the receipt of student records and payment of application fees, the Head of School, pending final approval by the Board of Directors, may admit a student.
  • The Head of School will determine placement of students at any grade level or in any course after reviewing appropriate student records and consulting with the previous school’s administration.
  • Lee Academy does not provide a program of study and support for students with learning disabilities, an IEP, or 504 plan.
  • Married students, pregnant students, and/or biological parents will not be allowed to attend the Academy.
  • Lee Academy reserves the right to reject any applications for admission or employment and further reserves the right to terminate any association with students if it determines that such association is incompatible with the aims and purposes of the Academy.
  • Lee Academy will not admit a student who can not return to his/her present school.


  • Grades K-4th: Promotion will be based on the recommendation of the faculty and the approval of the Head of School. A student must pass English, Reading, Math and one other subject to be considered for promotion.
  • Grades 5-7th: Students must pass English Composition, English Literature, Math, Science and/or Social Studies for advancement.
  • Grades 8-12th: Students must remain on grade level (appropriate credits) to remain at Lee Academy.

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